Dr. Stephen DuLong, Chair (Dentist 6, Faculty)

Ailish M. Wilkie, CPHQ, Secretary (Public 1)

Dr. Keith Batchelder (Dentist 1)

Dr. John Hsu (Dentist 4)

Dr. Paul Levy (Dentist 2)

Dr. Patricia (Pei-Hua) Wu (Dentist 3)

Dr. Cynthia M. Stevens (Dentist 5)

Lois Sobel, RDH (Dental Hygienist 1)

Jacyn Stultz, RDH (Dental Hygienist 2)

Kathleen Held (Dental Assistant)

Ward J. Cromer, Ph.D.  (Public 2)

VACANT (Dental Assistant Advisor)





This information is provided by the Division of Health Professions Licensure within the Department of Public Health.