Naturopathic Doctors use holistic, comprehensive treatment programs to diagnose and treat individuals and restore or maintain optimal health. Treatment may combine nutrition, botanical medicine, physical medicine, homeopathic treatments and lifestyle changes. They may work in private practices, hospitals, clinics or community health centers. Naturopathic physicians, as they are also known, are licensed in Canada and 21 other states throughout the US. Qualified NDs must undergo rigorous training before licensure.

The Board of Registration in Naturopathy is charged with evaluating the qualifications of applicants for licensure and granting licenses to those who qualify. It establishes rules and regulations to ensure the integrity and competence of licensees.

The Board promotes the public health, welfare, and safety by ensuring that licensed Naturopathic Doctors have the proper training and experience, have completed an accredited degree program and meet other requirements set forth by the Board.

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