What are the continuing education requirements? Licensees must complete a minimum of 40 contact hours of continuing education activities that meet the applicable requirements between July of each even-numbered year and June 30 of the next even-numbered year.

Must I submit proof of my CEUs with my renewal application?
When renewing your license you must sign a statement that you have completed the required CEUs. Periodically, the Board conducts a random audit and requires a percentage of licensees to submit a listing and verification of CEUs obtained. Licensees must maintain a record of all completed continuing education activities for four years. Failure or refusal to provide proof of completion of the required number of CEUs upon request by the Board may result in disciplinary action by the Board.

What kind of continuing education programs are accepted?
Board regulations at 245 CMR 2.12 (4) explain in detail the content and program administration requirements for continuing education programs.

Is there a list of approved continuing education programs?
Massachusetts health care, professional and educational organizations may be approved by the Board to provide continuing education courses. Such organizations are considered as having "deemed status".

Can I receive CEUs for serving as an AIT preceptor?
A Nursing Home Administrator who meets the eligibility criteria for serving as an AIT preceptor and is approved by the Board can earn a maximum of 20 CEUs in a two year period. As with all CEUs, anyone serving as a preceptor must keep copies related to the approved preceptorship for a period of not less than four consecutive licensure periods.

This information is provided by the Division of Health Professions Licensure within the Department of Public Health.