Board Member List


Board Member


Katherine Gehly, CNP, MS, Chairperson

Educator - RN Associate Degree

Patricia Gales, RN, MS, Vice Chairperson

Educator - LPN Program (RN)

Ann-Marie Peckham, RN, MSN/MBA       

RN Hospital Administrator

Barbara Levin, BSN, RNRN - Not Advanced Practice, Direct Care 1

Catherine L. Simonian, RPh, Pharm D.


Cheryl Urena, LPN

LPN, General 1

Christine Tebaldi CNP, MS

RN - Advanced Practice, Direct Care 2

Colleen LaBelle, RN, BSN

RN - Not Advanced Practice, Direct Care 2

Jackie Fantes, MD, FAAFPPhysician

Joan Killion, LPN

LPN, Acute Care (Hospital)

Margaret Beal, CNM, PhD

Educator - RN Bachelor’s Degree

Sara Abbott

Public 2


Educator - RN Diploma Program

VACANTPublic 1


RN - Advanced Practice, Direct Care 1


LPN, General 2


LPN, Long Term



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