I have recently moved. How do I change my address on my nursing license? You can update your address of record online or download the address change form here and mail it to the Board’s office.

How do I change my name on my nursing license? Download the name change form here or call the Board at 617-973-0900 and request to have one mailed to you.

I am an LNA/CNA in another state. How do I transfer my license to MA? The Board does not regulate LNA/CNA certification. You will need to contact the DPH Nurse Aide Registry by calling 617-753-8144 or you can click to the Nurse Aides Registry Program .

I lost my nursing license. How can I order another copy? You can request a duplicate copy of your license online or download the duplicate license form here and mail to the Board’s office with the required fee.

I requested a duplicate license. How long will it take to receive my new license card? You will receive your new license card approximately 2-3 weeks after your request is processed.

How can I update my education as shown on my nursing license online? The Board is required to maintain the education that qualified you for your original MA license.

How do I obtain transcripts from my closed nursing education program? Transcripts are not maintained by the Board. All closed programs are required to notify the Board of the name and location the transcripts will be stored. Click here to view information regarding closed LPN education programs. Unfortunately we do not currently have the closed RN programs available online and you will need to call the Board office.

This information is provided by the Division of Health Professions Licensure within the Department of Public Health.