How do I renew my License? You have several options to renew your MA nursing license:

  • You can visit our website at to renew online.
  • You can contact the Board in writing or by email at to request a paper renewal application.
  • You can renew your license in person at the Board office in Boston; however, you will not receive a receipt for renewal.

I’m having trouble renewing online. Is there anyone I can contact directly for assistance? You can reach the Help Desk by phone at (617) 973-0935 or e-mail at for any questions regarding online services.

How can I place my license on inactive status? MA does not have an inactive status. You can continue to renew your license to keep it current or let it expire. You can renew an expired license at any time by meeting the renewal eligibility requirements and submitting the required fees.

How do I change my name on my nursing license for renewal? Download the name change form here or call the Board at 617-973-0900 and request to have one mailed to you. There is no fee required to request a name change during your renewal period.

How do I submit my proof of continuing education (C.E.) when I renew my license? When you renew you are attesting under the pains and penalties of perjury that you have met the renewal requirements.  It is the responsibility of each nurse to maintain an authenticated record of continuing education offerings completed, and to submit evidence of the required number of contact hours for that specific registration period upon request of the Board. This evidence should be maintained for two consecutive registration periods.

How do I remove the Advance Practice designation from my license? Complete the Request to remove APRN authorization  pdf format of Request to remove APRN authorization
doc format of                             Request to remove APRN authorization                and mail to the Board’s office.

I renewed online and my employer is requiring proof of renewal. How can I provide proof that I renewed? Once your online payment has been processed, you will receive the following message: Your application has been submitted and all fees have been applied to your credit card/bank account. You have the option to print a receipt as your proof of submission and receipt of payment. This is the only receipt available for your online renewal. Your employer can also visit our verification website at to verify that your license is current. The Board website is considered a primary source and is updated in real time.

How can I obtain a receipt of my renewal payment? The Board does not provide receipt of payment for renewals submitted by mail or in-person. If you renew your license online, you have the option to print a receipt as your proof of submission and receipt of payment. Your bank/credit card statement is proof of payment.

I just received my license and noticed that it expires this year; I thought the license was for 2 years? In MA all Registered Nurses must renew their license upon their birthday in the even number year. And Licensed Practical Nurses must renew upon their birthday in the odd number years. The only exception is for those nurses whose original MA license was issued with in three months of their birthday, in which the license would be valid until their birthday in the next renewal cycle.

I am an APRN and changed my address online at the time of renewal but only received my RN license card in the mail. Why didn’t I receive my APRN card? You must make the address change on both the RN license and APRN authorization online to properly update your address with the Board and receive both cards. If you did not receive your APRN license card upon renewal, contact the Board’s office to see if it has been returned.

I let my license lapse. How do I reinstate my license? You just need to renew your license. To qualify, you must complete15 contact hours of continuing education within 2 years prior to renewal. You will also be required to pay the current renewal fee plus a late fee.

I don’t have a Social Security Number. Can I renew my nursing license? You are not eligible for renewal until you provide the Board with your SSN. Complete and notarize this form: Affidavit to Verify Social Security Number or Date of Birth  pdf format of Verify Social Security Number or Date of Birth
doc format of                             Verify Social Security Number or Date of Birth                and return to the Board with a copy of your Social Security Card.

This information is provided by the Division of Health Professions Licensure within the Department of Public Health.