This year pharmacists were mailed License Renewal Reminders on 10/1/2012.  If a licensee’s address was NOT correct with the Board on that day, the Renewal Reminder was likely not received by the licensee.

License Renewal Fees

Board Code

License Type

Current Fees

Renewal Time

Renewal Frequency

PHPharmacist$15031-Dec/Even YearBiennial
(2 year)
PNNuclear Pharmacist$15031-Dec/Even YearBiennial
(2 year)
PIPharmacy InternshipN/ANot applicableNone
PTPharmacy Technician$60BirthdayBiennial
DSDrug Store$52531-Dec/Odd YearBiennial
CSControlled Substance$22531-Dec/Odd YearBiennial
(2 year)
CFCertificate of Fitness (optional)$18031-Dec/Odd YearBiennial
 Change of Manager$525 each applicationNot applicableNone
NUNuclear Pharmacy$52531-Dec/Odd YearBiennial
(2 year)
CSNuclear Controlled Substance$22531-Dec/Odd YearBiennial
(2 year)
WDWholesale Distributor Permit$90030-NovAnnual
CSWholesale Distributor Controlled Sub.
Schedules II-VI
CSWholesale Distributor Controlled Sub.
Schedules III-VI
CSWholesale Distributor Controlled Sub.
Schedule VI

The following fees apply to all Boards of Registration:





Late Renewal Fee$57per license renewal (Fee is in addition to renewal fee if renewal is received beyond license expiration date).
Certified Statement of Registration$15per licensee
Duplicate License$17per license
Name Change$27per license
Wall Certificate/Duplicate Wall Certificate of RegistrationVariableContact PCS
Handling Charge for Returned Checks$23per check
Public Information CD-ROM$30per item in the form

The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy has contracted with Professional Credential Services , Inc. (PCS), Nashville, TN, to process its applications for examination and licensure / registration of pharmacists, pharmacy interns and pharmacy technicians. These services include all activities related to the dissemination of forms and the evaluation of any applications for the above referenced candidates. Applicants for a license / registration in pharmacy must submit all of their information directly to PCS. For additional information regarding fees, please contact PCS via the information provided below.

Professional Credential Services Contact Information
Address: 150 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 800
Nashville, TN 37219
Telephone: (877) 887-9727 - within the United States
(615) 880-4275 - outside the United States


This information is provided by the Division of Health Professions Licensure within the Department of Public Health.