The Division of Health Professions Licensure’s Board of Registration in Pharmacy (BOARD) is charged with evaluating the qualifications of applicants for licensure and granting licenses to those who qualify. The Board establishes the rules and regulations to ensure the integrity and competence of the licensees. The Board promotes the public health, welfare and safety by ensuring that licensed professionals and entities meet the requirements as set forth by the boards.

Renewal reminders are sent out to current licensees approximately 90 days prior to license expiration. The Board maintains a webpage at  where information related to Board statutes and regulations, renewal dates, fees, continuing education requirements and other pertinent information can be found.

The Division makes every effort to ensure that licensees understand their responsibility to renew their licenses prior to expiration. While the individual licensee is responsible for the renewal of their license, the Division requests the assistance of employers, professional associations and other organizations in making sure that licensees understand their obligation.  
If you need additional information, please contact the Board at 617-973-0960.

Unlicensed Practice - Imposition of Discipline and or Fine

Licensed professionals and entities may not practice with an expired license. Practice with an expired license is illegal and is grounds for discipline by the Board. In addition, the Board may impose a civil administrative penalty for unlicensed practice of up to $2,500 if the Board finds that a license has practiced for more than 90 days after license expiration.

Renewal Schedules

License Type

Renewal Time

Renewal Frequency

PharmacistDec 31/Even Year

Biennial (2 year)

Drug Store PermitDec 31/Odd Year

Biennial (2 year)

Certificate of FitnessDec 31/Odd Year

Biennial (2 year)

Controlled SubstanceDec 31/Odd Year

Biennial (2 year)

Nuclear PharmacyDec 31/Odd Year

Biennial (2 year)

Nuclear Controlled SubstanceDec 31/Odd Year

Biennial (2 year)

Wholesale Distributor PermitNov 30


Wholesale Distrib. Controlled Sub. Schedules II-VINov 30


Wholesale Distrib. Controlled Sub. Schedules III-VINov 30


Wholesale Distrib. Controlled Sub. Schedule VINov 30


Pharmacy TechnicianBirthday


Pharmacist Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

A pharmacist is not eligible for license renewal unless the pharmacist has completed the requisite number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per year for the 2 year renewal period. See links for details:

The Board accepts three CE types; ACPE, AMA Category 1, and CEs approved by any State Board of Pharmacy. The board monitors pharmacists' continuing education through random audits, upon inspection, and upon pharmacist's appearance before the board.


This information is provided by the Division of Health Professions Licensure within the Department of Public Health.