A director of a respiratory care department or her/his designee is responsible for ensuring that all staff working in the department who are rendering respiratory care services possess current licenses.

All directors and/or their designees should:

  1. Verify the license of all prospective employees by checking the Board's license verification website at www.mass.gov/dph/boards/rc.
  2. NEVER accept faxed copies of licenses.
  3. Verify the license status of all employees periodically during a license cycle.
  4. Contact the Board immediately with any questions about the legitimacy of a license or a license status.
  5. Remind staff that license renewal is their responsibility.
  6. Remind staff when licenses are in the renewal period.
  7. Check the board's license verification website regularly during the license renewal period to verify which employees have - and have not - renewed their licenses.

There are many opportunities for license fraud, identity theft and imposters. Please contact the Board with any questions or concerns.


This information is provided by the Division of Health Professions Licensure within the Department of Public Health.