The purpose and objective of the DoN program is to encourage competition with a public health focus: to promote population health; to support the development of innovative health delivery methods and population health strategies within the health care delivery system; and to ensure that resources will be made reasonably and equitably available to every person within the Commonwealth at the lowest reasonable aggregate cost. In this way the Department hopes to advance the Commonwealth’s goals for cost containment, improved public health outcomes, and delivery system transformation. The DoN law and regulation governs Health Care Facilities as that term is defined in G.L. c 111, § 25B. Under Massachusetts law M.G.L. c. 111, §§ 25C, proposals for a Substantial Capital Expenditure, Substantial Change in Services and Original Licensure as well as many Transfers of Ownership and Changes in Site for Health Care Facilities must be reviewed and approved under the DoN Regulatory scheme.

The 2017 DoN regulation at 105 CMR 100.405(B) requires all applicants to pay a filing fee based on the Proposed Project’s Total Value. For the purpose of determining Total Value for a Transfer of Ownership, please see the Filing Fees Guideline pdf format of Filing Fee Guideline
docx format of                             Filing Fee Guideline                .

With few exceptions, the Applicant for a DoN will be the Provider Organization on behalf of one or more entities within its system. Applicants are directed to use the Application Form ( DoN Application  pdf format of DoN Application
file size 1MB and DoN Application Instructions  pdf format of DoN Application Instructions
docx format of                             DoN Application Instructions                ) and to review the relevant Guidelines addressing Community Health Initiative Funding.

If the Application includes a DoN Required Service or DoN Required Equipment, consult the relevant Guideline.

This information is provided by the Determination of Need (DoN) program within the Department of Public Health.