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The Drug Formulary Commission invited addiction and pain management experts, patient advocates, and representatives from health plan, medical and pharmacy associations and the pharmaceutical industry to provide testimony to its members at its October 1, 2015, meeting.

The Commission requested for testifiers to provide commentary on the process of developing a draft formulary and how they anticipate that it may impact their respective fields.  In addition, the Commission wanted to hear suggestions on the factors that should be used in the criteria to determine which opiates should be considered an appropriate, therapeutically equivalent substitute to a drug that has been designated as having a heightened level of public health risk.

Chapter 258 of the Acts of 2014 directs the Drug Formulary Commission to consider four factors in determining whether a drug should be identified as a therapeutically equivalent substitute, including:

  1. The efficacy of the potential substitute.
  2. The effectiveness of the drug’s abuse-deterrent properties.
  3. How the placement of the drug as a substitute may impact the patient and/or pharmacy in terms of access.
  4. The cost effectiveness of the drug.

This informational hearing was tailored to provide the Commission members with information that most directly relates to the Commission’s mandates and have set up panels based on these four factors.

Only invited participants were allowed to give remarks at this meeting but any interested parties were able to submit written testimony.  The Commission received the following written testimony.

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Meeting of August 6, 2015

This information is provided by the Drug Control Program within the Department of Public Health.