TO: Ambulance Services
FROM: Grant Carrow, Director, Drug Control Program
Louise Goyette, Director, Office of Emergency Medical Services
DATE: July 10, 1998
RE: Storage of Lorazepam

With the inclusion of Lorazepam in the Statewide Treatment Protocol, ambulance services are reminded that this product has specific requirements for storage in order to maintain its efficacy.

According to stability information, Lorazepam injection requires refrigeration and should be stored at 2 - 8º C (35 - 45º F). Lorazepam injection should be protected from light, which can be accomplished by retaining the vial in the carton until ready for use. In addition, freezing of the injection should be avoided. Lorazepam should not be used if the solution is discolored or contains a precipitate.

Ambulances are required to ensure stability of all drug products stored on site. Those ambulances unable to meet the above-mentioned storage conditions should refrain from using Lorazepam.

For further information, contact the Drug Control Program at (617) 983-6700 or the Office of Emergency Medical Services at (617) 753-8300.

This information is provided by the Drug Control Program within the Department of Public Health.