Regulations of the Department of Public Health at 105 CMR 700.003 permit the issuance of a Massachusetts Controlled Substances Registration (MSCR) to licensed health facilities as defined in 105 CMR 700.001. A health facility includes the following:

  • A hospital, hospital pharmacy, long-term care facility or clinic licensed or maintained by the Department;
  • A public medical institution as defined in M.G.L. c. 118E § 8;
  • Any institution licensed or maintained by the Department of Mental Health;
  • Any hospital, long-term care facility or clinic maintained by the Commonwealth; or
  • Any ambulance service licensed by the Department to provide Advanced Life Support services.

Health facilities with an MCSR are advised that such registrations are not transferable. A new MCSR is required for a change in name, ownership or address. An MCSR is valid for one year and must be kept current.

For further information, please contact the Drug Control Program (617) 983-6700.

This information is provided by the Drug Control Program within the Department of Public Health.