Please note: Pharmacies are required to report Gabapentin to the Prescription Monitoring Program on August 1, 2017.

Additional details are outlined in the Circular Letter regarding presentation of Customer ID at pick-up, and NPI requirements.

The Data Submission Dispenser Guide has also been updated.

The “Reports and Data” page is intended for stakeholders and the general public for purposes of looking at trends in controlled substance prescribing and surveillance of populations that receive such prescribed medications. A number of PMP-specific measures have been developed / compiled by PMP to assess these trends over time. PMP will make selected reports and data available on the “Reports and Data” web page.

It is important to emphasize that understanding the problems related to prescription drug misuse, abuse and diversion requires analysis of data from many sources (e.g. hospital emergency rooms for admissions for drug overdoses, police records for pharmacy thefts, data from methadone clinics, which are not reported to the MA PMP, substance abuse treatment information), and the perspectives and experience of community stakeholders.  The measures developed by PMP and associated reports generated by the program are one such data source.

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This information is provided by the Drug Control Program within the Department of Public Health.