Medicare/Medicaid certification is not a requirement for conducting a home health service. Medicare/Medicaid participation is an option for your agency.

State Regulations

  • You do not have to apply to the Department to open a home health business. Massachusetts laws for the Department of Public Health do not include licensure of home health agencies.
  • The Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards licenses certain home health agencies under its regulations for employment agencies. This licensure is a state requirement for conducting a home health business. For more information, call 617.626.6970.
  • A home health agency is required to report employee misconduct toward persons receiving services to the Department. This regulation applies to any home care agencies whether is it Medicare certified on not.

Medicare HHA Program Regulations

  • The agency must provide skilled nursing and at least one other qualifying service (i.e. physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language pathology, medical social services, home health aides).
  • Agency employees must provide at least 1 qualifying service. All other services may be provided by contract with a third party.

HHA Application Instructions pdf format of HHA Application Instructions
doc format of                             HHA Application Instructions

Home Health Agency Medicare Deemed Status Certification Checklist  doc format of HHA Medicare Deemed Status Certification Checklist

CMS-Approved Accrediting Organization Contact Information CMS

Obtain NPI Number

CMS-1561 Health Insurance Benefit Agreement

CMS-1572 Home Health Agency Survey & Deficiencies Report

HHS-690 Assurance of Compliance

OMB 0990-2043 Civil Rights Information Request Form

CMS Technical Assistance Regarding Civil Rights