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The Department of Public Health has implemented the requirements of Chapter 91 of the Acts of 2005, An Act Providing Timely Access to Emergency Contraception. The documents below include fact sheets on emergency contraception for patients and providers; requirements for and regulations concerning hospital provision of emergency contraception to victims of sexual assault; guidelines for pharmacist dispensing of emergency contraception pursuant to standing orders; model standing orders for physicians; and frequently asked questions (FAQs). Also provided is contact information for questions concerning the regulations, policies, fact sheets and emergency contraception in general.

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Hospital Documents

For facilities that provide emergency care to sexual assault survivors

Pharmacy Documents

For licensed pharmacists and actively practicing physicians

Consumer Information

For anyone in need of access to EC and other support services

For more help getting low-cost Emergency Contraception (EC) or other confidential support services

View a list of ways that a rape crisis counselor can help a sexual assault survivor in the hospital emergency department.

Contact Information