Electronic Plan of Correction (ePOC) is a new initiative by Medicare and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health that requires Medicare-certified facilities to receive survey statements of deficiency and send survey plans of correction though a new electronic submission system. As of December 1st 2014, all Massachusetts Medicare-certified long term care facilities will be required to use the ePOC system to receive their statements of deficiency and send their plans of correction. Facilities that do not have users signed up to use the ePOC system will risk being out of compliance.

Facility User Sign-Up

Users using ePOC will need to have two logins to access the system. The first login is the CMSnet login, which allows users to connect to th ePOC system.

The second login is the ePOC Personal Login Account. This allows access to the ePOC system once connected using the first login.

Users who currently have access to the MDS system and already have a CMSnet and Personal Login ID for those systems can use those logins for ePOC; however, they will still need to request ePOC access to be added for the second login.

The CMSnet login (the first login) will be deactivated if not used for 90 days or more. The ePOC login (the second login) will be deactivated if not used for 120 days or more. Users are encouraged to keep these dates in mind and to access the  ePOC system periodically to ensure their accounts for the system remain active. Facilities without active users will not be able to receive statements of deficiency from  DPH, which could result in penalties.

Below are the complete CMS facility sign-up instructions for ePOC. Facility users must read and complete all steps in the instructions in order to successfully sign up.

Facility User Sign-Up Instructions for ePOC

Facility User Account Removal

Below are the forms that must be used to remove a user's ePOC login account. Users should have their accounts removed if they leave employment at a facility. There is a separate form to remove the CMSnet VPN account and to remove the ePOC main account. Issues regarding the use of the forms should be directed to the help desk contact information listed on each form.

Facility User Training

CMS Provider ePOC Training Video  wmv format of CMS Provider ePOC Training Video
file size 347MB
This video is provided by CMS and contains information on the use of the ePOC system for providers. In order to view this video, users must download the file to their computer and open the file from there.

CMS Provider ePOC User Manual  pdf format of CMS Provider ePOC User Manual
file size 3MB rtf format of                             CMS Provider ePOC User Manual
This manual is provided by CMS and provides guidance for facilities on how to use the ePOC system, including submission of a POC.

This information is provided by the Division of Health Care Facility Licensure and Certification within the Department of Public Health.