The Department of Public Health, Division of Health Care Quality will now process requests for drug administration waivers by rest homes of 105 Code of Massachusetts Regulations 150.008(C)(2)(c) and 153.030(B) by fax. We anticipate that processing drug waiver requests by fax will reduce paperwork for facilities, and reduce processing time for the Department.

Please complete one form for each medication for each resident for whom you are requesting a waiver. Fax the completed form to the Division at 617-753-8094. Upon receipt of your form, Department staff will review your waiver request, and return to you by fax the completed waiver request form with our approval or denial of your request.

If you have questions about the drug waiver process, please contact the Division of Health Care Quality at 617-753-8000. If you have questions regarding a specific waiver, please contact the Survey Manager for your region.


This information is provided by the Division of Health Care Quality within the Department of Public Health.