Overall Satisfaction Questions

Overall, how satisfied are you with this nursing home?
Overall, how satisfied are you that all the residents' needs are met?
Would you recommend this nursing home to a friend?

DOMAIN 1: Satisfaction with the Staff and Administration of the Nursing Home

With the help available for filling out the resident's paperwork?
That the same staff is assigned to care for the resident over time?
That staff considers cultural ethnic differences providing services?
That there is enough staff on all shifts to provide sufficient help?
With support provided from social services, family groups in the home?
That staff attends to the resident's emotional needs?
That the staff is friendly when you come to visit?
That the staff treats the resident with kindness and respect?
That the staff is able to communicate effectively with the resident?
That staff get along and work well together?
With the response of the staff to problems and requests?
With the assistance available to help the resident complete his or her meal?
That there is open communication between the staff and you?
That you receive notification of changes in condition?
That staff willingly shares with you how the resident is doing day to day?

DOMAIN 2: Satisfaction with Physical Aspects of the Nursing Home

That hallways and public areas are kept odor free?
With the cleanliness of the resident's room?
With the amount of space socialize outside of his or her room?
That the facility is clean and well maintained?
With the physical attractiveness of the nursing home?
That the resident's room is bright and cheerful?
With the amount of space for personal possessions within the resident's room?

DOMAIN 3: Satisfaction with the Activities Available to Residents

That meaningful activities are being offered on seven days week?
With the amount of physical exercise offered?
That there are enough outdoor activities?
With the clergy visits or religious services?
With the variety of stimulating activities offered?
That the staff encourages residents to take part in social activities?

DOMAIN 4: Satisfaction with the Personal Care Provided to Residents

That dirty clothes are changed as needed?
That the staff assures that the resident is clean?
That staff keeps to the resident's planned personal care routine?
That the resident gets his or her medication at the appropriate time?
When the laundry system gets the resident's own clothes back to him or her?
That bed linens are changed as needed?
That the quality of physician and specialist services meets the resident's needs?

DOMAIN 5: Satisfaction with Food and Meals

With the food choices provided at each meal?
With the quality of the food, that is, attractive, appetizing, and nutritious?
That there are a variety of menu selections throughout the week?

DOMAIN 6: Satisfaction with Resident's Personal Rights

That the resident is encouraged to be as independent as possible?
That staff members respect the resident's privacy?
That the nursing home takes sufficient steps to protect personal items?
That there is enough security for the facility?
With the resident's personal safety?

Overall Satisfaction Scale Items

With the care at this nursing home, overall?
With the management of this nursing home, overall?
With the staff at this nursing home, overall?
With the activities at this nursing home, overall?
With the communication at this nursing home, overall?
With the meals at this nursing home, overall?
With the physical environment at this nursing home, overall?
That the resident's personal rights respected, overall?