This is a partial listing of frequently used resources. When contacting any of the organizations listed below, be sure to ask if they have suggestions about additional resources you may want to contact.

Government Agencies

Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Division of Health Care Facility Licensure and Certification
Telephone: (617) 753-8000
Survey Tool Information: (617) 753-8000
Web Site:

Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs
General Information & Referral Assistance (9am-5pm)
Telephone: (617) 727-7750 or 1-800-882-2003
(24 hours) 1-800-882-2275
Web Site:

Client Services, Medicaid Eligibility
Telephone: (617) 210-5000
Web Site:

Massachusetts Division of Insurance
Consumer Services Section
Information on Long-Term Care Insurance
Telephone: (617) 521-7777
Web Site:

Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division
Telephone: (617) 727-8400
Web Site:

Consumer and Provider Service Organizations

Alzheimer's Association of Eastern Massachusetts
Telephone: (617) 494-5150
Helpline: 1-800-548-2111

Massachusetts Aging Services Association, Inc.
Telephone: (617) 739-3235
Web Site:

Living is for the Elderly (LIFE) Nursing Home Resident Advocacy Group
Telephone: (781) 646-1000 ext. 4733

Massachusetts Senior Care Association
Telephone: (617) 558-0202
Web Site:

Massachusetts Elderline
General Consumer Information on Free Prescription Drug Program and
Services for the Elderly
Telephone: 1-800-AGE-INFO

Hospice Federation of Massachusetts
Telephone: (781) 225-7077
Web Site: