• Disclosure report data are self-reported to the Department by registered pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers in Excel spreadsheet files, with specific formatting and data elements as required by the Department.
    • Manufacturers are responsible for including the correct identification numbers that correspond to the covered recipients included in disclosure reports.
    • Upon submission of data, the Department conducts an extensive review to detect any identifiable errors. Where identified, these errors are corrected (in conjunction with manufacturers as necessary).
    • Any covered recipient who believes that they (or a facility they represent) are subject to incorrect data reporting by a pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturer should initially contact the manufacturer in question. The Department will provide contact information for each registered manufacturer that submits disclosure data following a written request to pharmamedreg@massmail.state.ma.us.
    • Any manufacturer who believes that data reported by their company is incorrect should contact the Department. Manufacturers may also submit corrections to previous data submissions to the Department (information on this process is available on the Manufacturer's section of the program's web page).
  • Data Available

    Additional information about the disclosure report data.

  • Data Download

    A spreadsheet file of the entire disclosure report data set for each available calendar year.

  • Prepared Reports

    Pre-made reports in PDF format of the disclosure report data for each available calendar year.

  • Custom Reports

    A reporting system allowing users to create custom reports based on the disclosure report data.

  • Report of Massachusetts Specific Open Payments Program Data