This website currently has data reported to the Department by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers from 2009 through 2016.

The Department collected data from the companies using the following categories:

Category NumberPayment Category NamePayment Category Description
1000Compensation for Bona Fide ServicesConsulting, Speaker's Bureaus, etc.
2000CMEs, Third-party Conferences, or MeetingsPayments to Covered Recipients (CRs) in Conjunction with CMEs, third-party conferences and meetings
3000Grants/Educational GiftsGrants and Educational Gifts to CRs
4000FoodMeals Provided to CRs
5000Education/TrainingPayments to CRs in Conjunction with education and training
6000Marketing StudiesPayments to CRs in conjunction with research other than genuine research
7000Charitable DonationDonations other than donations of presciption drugs, biologics or medical devices
8000OtherNon-exempt payments to CRs of $50 or more

Please note that "payments" made to covered recipients include any fee, payment, subsidy or other economic benefit with a value of at least $50. The $50 is not a total for the year, but rather per instance. If a covered recipient received two allowable meals valued at $20 and $40, they would not be reportable. However, if a meal was valued at $60, it would be reportable. There are certain types of meals that are not allowed at all, and providing those meals would violate the code of conduct.