PLEASE NOTE:  The applications posted below are provided for informational purposes only, in the original form they were submitted to the Medical Use of Marijuana Program, subject to redactions consistent with Public Records laws. Applications may be determined to be incomplete or require further information, and such applications are therefore subject to change. The posting of the applications does not indicate completed review, any approval, or invitation to proceed has been issued.

RMD Applicants: A – J

617 Therapeutic Health Center, Inc.

Alternative Compassion Services Inc.

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Alternative Science and Wellness, Inc.

Alternative Therapies Group, Inc.

Altitude Organic Corporation of Massachusetts

ARL Healthcare, Inc.

Atlantic Medicinal Partners, Inc.

Bay State Therapeutics, Inc.

BCWC, Inc.

Beacon Compassion Center, Inc.

BeWell Organic Medicine, Inc.

Bluefish Wellness, Inc.

Bountiful Farms, Inc.

BR, Inc. (Formerly Khem Organics)

Brighton Health Advocates

Calosia, Inc.

Cannatech Medicinals, Inc.

Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndromes Foundation, Inc.

See Revolutionary Clinics, Inc. for information.

The Caregiver-Patient Connection, Inc.

Central Ave Compassionate Care, Inc.

Coastal Compassion, Inc.

CommCan, Inc.

Commonwealth Alternative Care

Compassionate Organics, Inc.

Crane Healthcare, Inc.

The Curated Leaf, Inc.

Debilitating Medical Condition Treatment Centers, Inc.

DO Health Massachusetts

Echo Leafly Corp

Elevated Non-Profit Corporation

Ermont, Inc.


Evergreen Farms

Far East Operations Limited

Fidelity Wellness Center, Inc.

FirstEmerald, Inc.

Four Daughters Compassionate Care

Fresh Meadow Farms, Inc.

Garden Remedies, Incorporated

Giving Tree Health Center, Inc.

Good Chemistry of Massachusetts, Inc.

GreenBridge Health, Inc.

GreenCare Therapeutics, Inc.

The Green Harbor Dispensary

The Green Lady Dispensary, Inc.

Greenleaf MV Compassionate Care, Inc.

GTI Massachusetts NP Corporation

Hampden Care Facility, Inc.

Happy Valley Compassionate Center, Inc.

Happy Valley Ventures MA, Inc.

The Haven Center, Inc.

Heal, Inc.

Health Circle, Inc.

Healthy Pharms, Inc.

Healthwise Foundation

Heka Health, Inc.

Herbal Care Center, Inc.

The Herbal Center, Inc.

The Herbal Way

Herbology Group, Inc.

Holistic Health Group, Inc.

Holistic Industries, Inc.

Hope Heal Health, Inc.

In Good Health

Ipswich Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc.

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