Inspection Phase Process and Projected Timeline

  • The Inspection Phase is driven by the RMD and DPH steps in when the RMD is ready for an inspection/review.
  • On average a RMD will need 210-540 days to complete their work and DPH will need about 47-94 days. Knowing that for both the RMD and DPH some of these days may overlap.
  • These are all projections and can vary significantly by RMD as a result of:
    • Local compliance activities (Zoning, Special Permitting, Local Licensing and Inspections, Building Permitting, Occupancy Certificate) which can vary significantly by municipality and are reliant on the local processes and requirements.
    • RMDs that need to find a new location can experience significant delays as a result of finding the right facility and ensuring local approval before they can submit a Change of Location request.
    • RMDs seeking financing may for business reasons hold of implementing their business plan until they have financing in place.
  • Once an RMD receives their Final Certificate of Registration, they can start to cultivate and before they can start sales of MMJ, DPH completes another inspection.
  • Following final approval to commence retail sales, DPH conducts monthly inspections of RMDs.

The table below details an estimate of the processing time.  Please note that actual processing times may vary.


Find New Location (if Applicable)

Location Change Approval (if Applicable)

Architectural Review Application

Architectural Review Approval

Zoning, Special Permit & Local Licensing

Building Permit & Construction, Local Inspections & Occupancy Certificate

Policy & Procedures Development

Policy & Procedure Review and Approval

Official Inspections

Total Days


30-180 days


30-60 Days


30-60 days

90-180 days

30-60 days






7-21 days


30-45 days




7-21 days

3-7 days



This information is provided by the Health Care Safety and Quality within the Department of Public Health.