1 Releaf, Inc

Alternative Compassion Services, Inc.

Alternative Therapies Group, Inc.

ANL, Inc DBA as A New Leaf, Dispensary

Apex Compassion & Wellness Center, Inc.

ARL Healthcare, Inc.

Bay State Care Corp.

Bay State Holistic, Incorporated

Bay State Relief, Inc. dba Milford Medicinals, Inc.

Baystate Compassion Center, Inc.

Baystate Medical Enterprises, Inc.

Baystate Wellness Center

BeWell Organic Medicine, Inc.

Boston Wellness Association, Inc.

Brighton Health Advocates Inc. d/b/a Compassionate Care Clinics

Bryn Coron Farms Herbal Remedies, Inc.

CAS Foundation

Centers for Alternative Medicine, Inc.

Central Ave Compassionate Care, Inc.

Chobad Compassion Center, Inc. dba Suffolk Compassion Center, Inc.

Coastal Compassion

Commonwealth BioPharm, Inc.

Commonwealth Patient Center, Inc.

Commonwealth Therapeutics Centers, Inc.

Compassion Health Centers, Inc.

Compassionate Organics, Inc.

Debilitating Medical Condition Treatment Centers, Inc.

East Coast Wellness Center


Fusion Health Group, Inc.

G2 New England Inc.

Garden Remedies, Inc.

Good Chemistry of Massachusetts, Inc.

Green Heart Holistic Health & Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Greenhouse Dispensary Inc.

Greenleaf MV Compassion Care, Inc.

Hampden Care Facility

Hampshire Health

Healthy Pharms, Inc.

Herbal Care Center, Inc.

Herbal Medicinal Program, Inc.

Herbal Wellness Center, Inc.

Holistics Specialty Care, Inc.

In Good Health, Inc.

Ipswich Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc.

JCS Holdings Inc/DBA The Haven Center

JM Farm's Patient Group, Inc.

Kind Medical Inc.

Kingsbury Group, Inc.

LB Compassion Center, Inc.

MA Care Connect, Inc.

Manna Wellness Inc.

Mass Medi-Spa Inc.

Mass Medicum Corp.

Mass. Organic Therapy, Inc.

Mass Relief

Massachusetts Compassionate Patient Care Corp

Massachusetts Medical Management Associates, Inc.

Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts, Inc.

Medicinal Evolution, Inc.

Middlesex Integrative Medicine, Inc.

MR Absolute Medical Resources, Inc.

MV GreenCross, Inc.

Nature's Cure

New England Apothecary, Inc.

New England Treatment Access, Inc.

New England Wellness Associates, Inc.

New England Wellspring, Inc.

Patient Alliance Wellness Center Inc.

Patient Centric of Martha's Vineyard, Ltd.

Patriot Care Corp.

Prime Wellness of MA, Inc.

Prospect Lake Inc dba The Circe Center

Releaf Collective Inc.

Striar Center for Compassionate Care, Inc.

The Anita W. Compassion Center, Inc.

The Greeneway Wellness Foundation, Inc.

The Timothy Walsh Foundation, Inc. d/b/a Green Harvest Wellness

Total Health & Wellness

William Noyes Webster Foundation, Inc.

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