Applicants eligible to apply for medical use of marijuana dispensaries in “open” counties submitted applications to the Department of Public Health today. Open Counties are counties without a dispensary moving into the Inspection Phase, as announced on June 27th.

Open County applicants were identified as qualified during the Phase 2 application process, but were asked to identify and resubmit an application at a new location. Open county applicants were allowed to apply for up to two locations, but will only be selected to proceed with one location following the DPH review process.

Applications will be evaluated based on such factors as appropriateness of the site, geographical distribution of dispensaries, local support, and the applicant’s ability to meet the overall health needs of registered patients while ensuring public safety. Applicants were asked to demonstrate local support and show that they can comply with all municipal rules, regulations, ordinances and bylaws.

DPH anticipates the selection process will be completed in October of this year.

The voter-approved law allows the Department to register up to 35 non-profit Registered Marijuana Dispensaries across the state, with at least one but no more than five dispensaries per county. In June, the Department announced 11 RMDs were moving forward into the Inspection Phase, putting 97% of the Commonwealth’s population within 30 miles of an RMD site.

Open County Applications

This information is provided by the Health Care Safety and Quality within the Department of Public Health.