Program Update – October 8, 2014

The Medical Use of Marijuana Online System (MMJ Online System) is now available for qualifying patients to register to possess marijuana for medical purposes.

You will need to register with the MMJ Online System by January 1, 2015 in order to possess marijuana for medical purposes, even if you already have a paper written certification from your physician. Paper written certifications will no longer be valid as of February 1st, 2015.

You must make an appointment with your qualified health care provider in order to begin the registration process. Your provider will evaluate you to determine if you are qualified for the medical use of marijuana. If you are qualified, your provider will issue you a certification through the MMJ Online System.

Once your health care provider has issued you a certification, your provider will give you instructions on how to register through the MMJ Online System and your registration number. This registration number is required for you to register in the MMJ Online System. 

If your registration is approved by the Program, you will receive a Medical Use of Marijuana Program ID card.

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This information is provided by the Health Care Safety and Quality within the Department of Public Health.