All questions concerning the minimum requirements for approval of a nurse aide training program, the availability of programs in a your area or the requirements for an individual to receive waiver of training should be addressed to Myrtho Vernet-McGuffie (617) 753-8142.


Contact the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Testing Office at (781) 979-4010 or (800) 962-4337 (outside of MA) with requests for applications for the nurse aide competency evaluation program or questions about scheduling the examination. See American Red Cross CNA State Examination for additional Information.

Registry Status Inquiries

The Nurse Aide Registry Automated Voice Response System is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to those facilities and agencies with Registry access codes. To access the system, please dial (617) 753-8192.

Should you have any problem accessing the system, please notify James Hugg at (617) 753-8143. New facilities and agencies may also request Registry access codes by dialing this number.

Registry Renewal

If your registry expiration date has passed and you have not yet received an application for renewal, please contact the Nurse Aide Registry Staff at (617) 753-8144.

If you wish to inquire about the status of a renewal application which has already been submitted, please contact the Nurse Aide Testing Office at (781) 979-4010 or (800) 962-4337 (outside of MA). Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.

Public Information Requests

Should you wish to retrieve a portion of the Nurse Aide Registry data, please contact James Hugg at (617) 753-8143. Information currently available includes name, City/town and certification number.

Faxed Inquiry Responses

Facilities using the Nurse Aide Registry Inquiry Response System may now choose to receive faxed inquiry responses rather than the traditional confirmation letters sent via US Mail. If you choose the fax option, letters will be faxed shortly after midnight on each business day. Facilities which receive faxed inquiry response letters will not be sent additional copies in the mail. In order to receive faxed inquiry response letters, you must have a fax machine which will be available for overnight posting on any night following access to the system. If your fax machine is not operational at the time of the posting, response letters will be sent via mail. If you wish to use this fax option, please contact James Hugg at (617) 753-8143.

General Information

Please contact the Nurse Aide Registry at (617) 753-8144.

This information is provided by the Nurse Aide Registry within the Department of Public Health.