(617) 753-8000

Instructions for Use

You may access the Nurse Aide Inquiry Response System 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you access the System, have ready your 7 digit Access Code (for Long Term Care facilities, this is the same as your Vendor Payment Number) and the Social Security Numbers for the individuals about whom you are inquiring.

Step One: Dial (617) 753-8000

Step Two: Press 3 after you hear the greeting to enter the Inquiry Response System.

Step Three: Press 1 to enter an inquiry into the AVRS. When prompted, enter the seven digits of your organization's Access Code. The System will state the name of the organization as it is currently listed on file. Follow the prompts to verify whether this is correct.

Step Four: Press the nine digits of the Social Security Number of the aide about whom you are inquiring. If the Social Security Number is not found in the Registry file, the System will inform you that there is no record for that aide.

If the Social Security Number is found, the System will spell the last name of the aide. Follow the prompts to verify whether this is the correct individual. By pressing "1" or "2", you may interrupt the complete spelling at any time. Once verification has been received, the system will provide one of the following responses:

  • This Aide is on the Registry and in good standing.
  • This Aide's registration has expired.
  • Special circumstances apply to this aide. You will now be transferred to Registry Personnel for an explanation.

If you contact the System to inquire about an aide to whom special circumstances apply when the office is closed, you will be told the following:

  • Special Circumstances apply to this aide. Registry Personnel can provide you with a further explanation. If you wish, you may leave a message now.

Please leave a message including your name, area code and phone number, and the name of the aide about whom you were inquiring. A member of the Registry Staff will return your call during the next business day.

Step Five: If you wish to check the Registry status of another aide, press 1. Once you have finished, press 2 to exit the system.

Inquiry response letters will be faxed during the night following the placement of the inquiry.

This information is provided by the Nurse Aide Registry within the Department of Public Health.