Nurse Aide Inquiry Response System v. 2.1

(617) 753-8000

Organizations with a touchtone service can receive a response from the Nurse Aide Inquiry Response System over the phone. A telephone inquiry to the System will automatically generate a written response. We recommend that you follow the instructions and guidelines below to get the most reliable results from the Inquiry Response System.


Develop a way to track receipt of written responses following an inquiry to the System.

Because the Registry office will have only the electronic record of your inquiry (as opposed to your written inquiry), a record of your inquiry could be lost if there were a computer system problem.

Any system you develop (e.g. a log or check-sheet) that includes the individual's name, social security number, date called into the Inquiry Response System and date written response received should provide the minimum necessary information.

If you do not receive a written response within 5 days of your inquiry, please contact Jim Hugg at 617-753-8143.

If an aide is not on the Registry, our office will not know the name of the individual and therefore your response letter will refer only to the Social Security Number. A tracking system will help you identify the negative responses.

To CHECK THE AIDE'S FEDERAL CERTIFICATION STATUS - It can take up to three weeks for an aide's record to appear on the Nurse Aide Registry.  About three weeks after the test date, contact the Registry for the positive response. If the aide is not on the Registry at that time, please report the omission to our office.

If the nurse aide has an expired Registration, accept documentation of employment as a nurse aide within the past twenty-four months as proof of eligibility for renewal until a new Certificate is issued.

If an aide's Registry listing has expired, but the aide has provided you with documentation of employment as a nurse aide during his or her Registry period and within the past twenty-four months, you have sufficient documentation to show that the aide's Registry listing will be renewed. Use the "Expired Registration" letter with this documentation to prove that the aide has met the necessary requirements for renewal.

If you experience any problems with the system, please contact the Registry staff at 617-753-8143.

This information is provided by the Nurse Aide Registry within the Department of Public Health.