42 CFR 483.75 (e)
  1. Definitions of "licensed health care professional" and "nurse aide"
  2. Full time nurse aide staff four month rule
  3. Requirements for temporary personnel
  4. Required competency
  5. Registry verification
  6. Multi-State registry verification
  7. Required retraining (for individuals whose registration has lapsed)
  8. Regular inservice education

42 CFR 483.75(f) Minimum proficiency requirements for nurse aides

Requirements for nurse aide testing, training and registry programs

42 CFR 483.150 Waiver of requirements

42 CFR 483.151 State review and approval of nurse aide training and competency evaluation programs

  1. State review and administration
  2. Requirements for approval of programs
  3. Time frame for acting on a request for approval
  4. Duration of approval
  5. Withdrawal of approval

42 CFR 483.152 Requirements for approval of a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program

  1. Minimum program requirements
  2. Minimum standard curriculum
  3. Prohibition of charges

42 CFR 483.154 Nurse aide competency evaluation

  1. Notification of individual of successful completion
  2. Content of the competency evaluation program
    1. Written or oral examinations
    2. Demonstration of skills
  3. Administration of the competency evaluation
  4. Facility proctoring of the examination
  5. Successful completion of the competency evaluation program
  6. Unsuccessful completion of the competency evaluation program

42 CFR 483.156 Registry of nurse aides

  1. Establishment of registry
  2. Registry operation
  3. Registry content
  4. Disclosure of information

42 CFR 483.75 (e) and (f)

42 CFR 483.150 through 156

This information is provided by the Nurse Aide Registry within the Department of Public Health.