Scroll down below to view all past winners of the Massachusetts Safe Jobs for Youth Poster  Contest.


1st Place, $500: Shari Coté, Taunton, MA

Row of injured stick figures with one healthy figure standing out. Text: 200,000 young workers are injured annually. Don't be a statistic


2nd Place, $300: Chiara Lowell, Lowell, MA

Image of tablet app for young workers. Text: As a teen it's your responsibiltiy to know your rights at work.


3rd Place, $100: Victoria Hamilton, Holbrook, MA

Hand with bandage writing on clipboard. Text: See it! Report it! Teens and job safety, it's that simple.  


Honorable Mention: Alina Galindo, Somerville, MA

Child standing next to height measurement checker, with number 14 marked off. Text: For your safety as a teen, know that you should be this age to work!


Honorable Mention: Joe Hazelton, Arlington, MA

Brick wall background with loose bricks falling towards construction worker's head. Text: Know the dangers of your job. Help keep teens safe in the workplace.


Honorable Mention: Tianah Holmes, Taunton, MA

Danger symbols alongside stick figures taking actions to make things safer. Text: Be a Changer, Stop the Danger. Help promote teen safety at work.


Honorable Mention: Adrienne Kelley, Taunton, MA

Silhouette of person about to slip on wet floor. Text: Poor working conditions? Speak up! Teens shouldn’t be afraid to speak up. Be afraid of what could happen if you don't.


Honorable Mention: Alisa Partlan, Waltham, MA

Photo of girl wearing red cape with arm raised in the air. Text: Be your own superhero. Stand up for your right to a safe workplace.


Honorable Mention: Susane Rijos, Springfield, MA

Photo of teen girl working with graphics machinery. Text: Teen safety in the workplace. Job safety doesn't have an age.


Honorable Mention: Dustin Sampson, Worcester, MA

Silhouette of two workers looking and pointing up over background of machinery parts. Text: Get Safety Training; Look for Hazards; Follow Safety Rules; Know Your Rights. Don't fix the blame, fix the problem. Teen workplace safety.


Honorable Mention: Spencer Travis, Taunton, MA

Stick figure exclaiming and pointing to water near an unplugged electrical cord. Text: Attention Teen Workers! REACT - Recognize hazards; Evaluation the situation; Apply safety knowledge; Control the situation; Tell someone!




Image of many gray stick-figures in a line and one red stick figure with his arms up. Text reads "Danger? Speak Up! If there is danger in your workplace, tell someone! All teens have rights for their own safe workplaces."
1st Place: Andrew DaCosta, Taunton, MA
Image of accident scene witha body outline and caution tape across it. Text reads: "Don't Be This Guy. Speak Up! Promote Teen Safety on the Job."
2nd Place: Travers Larkin, Taunton, MA
Text reads "Chip and Todd at the Construction Site: SAFETY FIRST." A short comic of two workers talking about personal protective equipment.
3rd Place: Nicholas Elisio, Taunton, MA
Graphic of a large question mark comprised of different safety symbols. Text reads: "No such thing as a stupid question; If you feel unsafe at your workplace ask a question and get the help you need."
Honorable Mention: Hallie Ottaviano, Somerville, MA
Hand drawn poster of teen sitting and feeling overwhelmed by work pressures (too many hours, not enough money), with the message "Stand Up for Your Rights: written across the top.
Honorable Mention: Regina Valtierra, Waltham, MA


1st Place: Jane Adams, Hingham, MA

Computer graphics image of a megaphone and bold text that says 'Speak Up. Speak Out'


2nd Place: Stephanie Ranger, Dighton, MA

Hand drawn images of hazards with the word 'Safety' written in large graffiti letters.


3rd Place: Rachel Flynn, Haverhill, MA

Dimly lit photo of teen with tape across her mouth and text that reads 'Silence is Not Always Golden'.