Massachusetts 2014 Safe Jobs for Youth Poster Contest
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Thank you to the 154 teens who submitted posters in the 2014 Safe Jobs for Youth Poster Contest, and thank you to the 38 youth judges who voted on the winners. You helped to make the contest a success, once again!

We are pleased to announce this year’s winners and honorable mentions. All finalists received a Certificate of Recognition signed by Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley , and the top three winners received cash prizes funded by Commonwealth Corporation.

Keep your eyes out on MBTA and WRTA public transportation this summer for the first place winning poster.

Scroll down to see the 2014 winners. And please spread the word on Twitter!

Teen wearing construction hat with mouth covered by caution tape. Text: Teens at work. Safety first. Speak up for youths.
1st Place, $500: Liz Otero, Worcester, MA

Drawing of a set of tools next to a pair of hands. Text: Tools can be replaced. These [your hands] cannot. Youth safety. Speak up!
2nd Place, $300: Nicholas Horvath, Norfolk, MA

Red stick figure standing out among smaller dark stick figure workers. Text: I have rights! Are you aware of youth safety employment laws?
3rd Place, $100: Evelyne Lourie, Newburyport, MA

Dark background with the text: Every 9 minutes a U.S. teen worker gets hurt on the job. Bright yellow sign with the text: Spread the word about teen work safety.
Honorable Mention: Diomedes Anziani, Lawrence, MA

Text: Safety at your fingertips – it’s not just for texting. You have the right to be safe and healthy at work. Image of mobile phone with worker injury statistics being texted out.
Honorable Mention: Alexander Begin, Swansea, MA

Graphic of hospital monitor flat-lining. Text: Don’t put your life on the line. Don’t be another teen not speaking up about your safety in the workplace.
Honorable Mention: Christa Diaz, Worcester, MA

Drawing of a set of road safety signs next to a set of workplace safety signs. Text: Teens are familiar with these [road signs]. What about these [workplace signs]?
Honorable Mention: Chris Lenzi, Franklin, MA

Dark background with white worker images falling from a ladder, slipping on a wet floor and being exposed to falling items from a shelf. Text: Safety hazards are everywhere. Speak now. Working teens deserve a voice.
Honorable Mention: Josephina Lin, Wellesley, MA

An large exclamation point is tipping over with stick figure people on top of it. Text: Stop watching teens get injured in the workplace & start educating them on workplace safety!
Honorable Mention: Julia Murphy, Tyngsborough, MA

Hand drawn poster with teen on crutches and a red circle with cross through it over his face. Text: Job safety…Yes. Teen injuries…No.
Honorable Mention: Gabriel Ocampo, Springfield, MA

Red heading reads: Warning with a yellow exclamation sign in the background Text: Every year about 70,000 teens go to a hospital emergency room for treatment of a workplace injury. Do you know your rights in the workplace? Did you even know that you had rights?
Honorable Mention: Tayla Osborne, Newburyport, MA

Dark background with safety symbols at the bottom. And acrostic reads “Safety” going down, with the following line text: Speak up. Act responsibly. Find help. Expose safety hazards. Teens have the right to be safe. Your voice matters.
Honorable Mention: Autumn Overton, Taunton, MA

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Who sponsors the contest?

The Safe Jobs for Youth Poster Contest is sponsored by the Massachusetts Youth Employment and Safety Team (YES Team) and the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health (MassCOSH).

This information is provided by the Occupational Health Surveillance Program within the Department of Public Health.