Access to restricted birth and marriage records is limited by §2A, Chapter 46, M.G.L. For those persons with access to restricted records, proof of identity (a photo ID) is necessary, and in some cases additional documentation is also necessary. Access to persons other than listed below require a court order.

For Internet, FAX, or Telephone Orders you will need to additionally FAX a copy of the ID to the following number: (617) 740-2696. For mail orders, include your ID and documentation (if necessary) with your order form. Please provide information on your FAX as to when and how your order was placed.

Out-of-Wedlock Births

Access to non-marital (out-of-wedlock) births is limited by §2A, Chapter 46, M.G.L. to the following:

  • Subject of the record (child)
  • Parents listed on the record
  • Father not listed on the record with documentary proof that he is the father (such as a paternity adjudication, stipulation or properly completed Voluntary Acknowledgment of Parentage)
  • Legal guardian of the child
  • Legal representative of the child

Marriages of Person Born Out-of-Wedlock

Access to marriage certificates when the bride or groom was born out-of-wedlock is limited by §2A, Chapter 46, M.G.L. to the following:

  • Bride or groom
  • Legal representative of the bride or groom
  • Parent or guardian of the bride or groom


This information is provided by the Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics within the Department of Public Health.