Pine Street Inn | Shattuck Shelter

Pine Street Inn operates the Shattuck Shelter, previously run by hopeFound, in partnership with Lemuel Shattuck Hospital. Opened in 1983 by Governor Michael Dukakis, the Shattuck Shelter offers year-round overnight emergency shelter to 12 0 homeless men and women each night. Guests receive food and shelter, as well as support from counselors and nursing staff. The shelter also provides assistance for guests who are struggling with addiction, legal, financial, mental and physical health issues.

Emergency shelter remains one of Pine Street’s core services, along with permanent, supportive housing, job training and placement, and street outreach. Pine Street Inn serves more than 1,600 homeless individuals daily and 11,000 annually, providing the full spectrum of services to help men and women reach their highest level of independence. Its services are made possible through private fundraising and state, local and federal support.


It was a bitterly cold day in 1983, when The Lemuel Shattuck responded to another public health challenge -- homelessness. In response, a 100 bed shelter was set up in the hospital's auditorium. Today, the Shattuck Shelter provides an integrated continuum of critical programs. Lemuel Shattuck Hospital ensures access to quality healthcare through daily medical and behavioral health clinics, social services and referral to community resources.

The Pine Street Inn Shattuck Shelter can be reached at 617.983.0351.

For a list of all services provided by Pine Street Inn, please visit its website.

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