1. The Transitional Year Resident must have no fewer than 8 weeks of electives, which may not include vacation time.  Elective rotation should be determined by the educational need of the individual resident.
  2. A maximum of 8 weeks may be designated for non-clinical patient care experience, e.g. research, administration and computer science.
  3. TY Residents are encouraged to choose from the following list of electives offered by the Transitional Year Program.  Goals and Objectives of each rotation are included.  Goals and Objectives of the selected elective will be emailed to you and your preceptor; it is your responsibility to discuss these Goals and Objectives with your preceptor at the beginning and at the end of the rotation.
  4. If a TY Resident chooses a different type of elective he/she must provide a complete description of the experience to include curriculum.  Goals and Objectives, resident responsibilities and the faculty/preceptor assigned for supervision.  This rotation will need a prior approval from the Program Director.
  5. Available electives at Tufts Medical Center, Lahey Clinic and LSH are:
    1. Anesthesia (PDF) pdf format of electives-anesthesiology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-anesthesiology.doc
    2. Cardiothoracic Surgery (PDF) pdf format of electives-cardiothoracic-surgery.pdf
doc format of                             electives-cardiothoracic-surgery.doc
    3. Cardiology (PDF) pdf format of electives-cardiology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-cardiology.doc
    4. Critical Care pdf format of electives-ccu.pdf
  (PDF) pdf format of electives-ccu.pdf
doc format of                             electives-ccu.doc
    5. Emergency Room (PDF) pdf format of electives-emergency-department.pdf
doc format of                             electives-emergency-department.doc
    6. Endocrinology (PDF) pdf format of electives-endocrinology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-endocrinology.doc
    7. Gastroenterology (PDF) pdf format of electives-gastroenterology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-gastroenterology.doc
    8. General Surgery (PDF) pdf format of electives-general-surgery.pdf
doc format of                             electives-general-surgery.doc
    9. Geriatric Medicine (PDF) pdf format of electives-geriatric-medicine.pdf
doc format of                             electives-geriatric-medicine.doc
    10. Hematology (PDF) pdf format of electives-hematology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-hematology.doc
    11. Infectious Disease pdf format of electives-infectious-disease.pdf
  (PDF) pdf format of electives-infectious-disease.pdf
doc format of                             electives-infectious-disease.doc
    12. Medical Intensive Care Unit  pdf format of Medical Intensive Care Unit
doc format of                             Medical Intensive Care Unit
    13. Nephrology (PDF) pdf format of electives-nephrology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-nephrology.doc
    14. Neurology (PDF) pdf format of electives-neurology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-neurology.doc
    15. Neurosurgery (PDF) pdf format of electives-neurosurgery.pdf
doc format of                             electives-neurosurgery.doc
    16. OB/GYN (PDF) pdf format of electives-gynecology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-gynecology.doc
    17. Oncology (PDF) pdf format of electives-oncology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-oncology.doc
    18. Ophthalmology (PDF) pdf format of electives-ophthalmology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-ophthalmology.doc
    19. Orthopedic Surgery (PDF) pdf format of electives-orthopedic-surgery.pdf
doc format of                             electives-orthopedic-surgery.doc
    20. Otolaryngology (ENT) (PDF) pdf format of electives-otolaryngology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-otolaryngology.doc
    21. Outpatient Medicine - LSH (PDF) pdf format of electives-opd.pdf
doc format of                             electives-opd.doc
    22. Pathology (PDF) pdf format of electives-pathology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-pathology.doc
    23. Pediatric Surgery (PDF) pdf format of electives-pediatric-surgery.pdf
doc format of                             electives-pediatric-surgery.doc
    24. Psychiatry (PDF) pdf format of electives-psychiatry.pdf
doc format of                             electives-psychiatry.doc
    25. Pulmonary (PDF) pdf format of electives-pulmonary.pdf
doc format of                             electives-pulmonary.doc
    26. Radiology (PDF) pdf format of electives-radiology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-radiology.doc
    27. Research (PDF) pdf format of electives-research.pdf
doc format of                             electives-research.doc
    28. Rheumatology (PDF) pdf format of electives-rheumatology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-rheumatology.doc
    29. Urology (PDF) pdf format of electives-urology.pdf
doc format of                             electives-urology.doc
    30. Vascular Surgery (PDF) pdf format of electives-vascular-surgery.pdf
doc format of                             electives-vascular-surgery.doc

This information is provided by the within the Department of Public Health.