The following is a listing of websites and telephone hotlines that contain information on hepatitis C. The presence of an internet site or telephone hotline on this list does not constitute an endorsement by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) of the organization, or information, products, or services provided, and none should be inferred. MDPH is not responsible for the content of the individual organization webpages or hotlines found on this list. This list is provided as a guide for the public to free information that is available on hepatitis C. The information that these sites provide may not be from peer-reviewed medical journals, and the content may not have been subject to review for accuracy by any medical or other authority.

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services (AA)

Outlines services provided by Alcoholics Anonymous to help people stop drinking. Directs users to local AA sites, guidelines on how to deal with the problem, program details, and relevant current issues. Geared toward those seeking help and professionals.

American College of Gastroenterology

Provides summaries of hepatitis A, B and C and discusses treatment. Geared toward patients. Site also includes a physicians' forum with selected abstracts pertaining to GI (gastrointestinal) disease.

American Dietetic Association

Contains nutrition information for consumers including diet tips, food and nutrition guides, information on diet related health problems, and advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also outlines current industry issues for dietetic professionals.

American Liver Foundation (ALF)

Materials for patients and providers. Discusses home testing. Contains a fact sheet and National Institutes of Health ( NIH) consensus statement excerpts. Has links to many other sites. ALF will send an information packet upon telephone request.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1-888-4HEP-CDC or 888/443-7232

Contains a fact sheet, frequently asked questions, many links to other sites. Materials for both patients and providers. The toll-free phone number accesses recorded information about hepatitis C.

Centerwatch Clinical Trials Listing Service

Comprehensive information related to clinical trials for patients and researchers. Includes a database of clinical trials being conducted internationally as well as new drug therapies recently approved by the FDA. Also has online bookstore for patients and providers, general clinical research information, and a range of brochures and reports on clinical trials, some available via e-mail alerts.

Developed by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). Searchable database of current clinical trials sponsored by federal agencies and the pharmaceutical industry. Extensive, consumer-oriented resource information on participating in clinical trials. Studies listed in the database are conducted primarily in the United States and Canada, but include locations in about 70 countries.

HCV Prison Project

Site of the HCV Prison Project, a consortium working to provide support and education to prisoners with hepatitis C and co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C. Provides current information on state and federal correctional health issues.

Hepatitis C Support Project

Provides resources for and information on hepatitis C that ranges from clinical information to alternative treatments and complementary therapies to support groups.

Hepatitis Education Project

Offers links to many sites for both providers and patients.

Hepatitis Foundation International (HFI)

Offers a fact sheet, discussion of cirrhosis, excerpts form the National Institutes of Health ( NIH) consensus statement and the ABCs of viral hepatitis. Patient-oriented information provided in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. HFI will send out an information packet upon phone request and will answer general questions over the phone.

HIV and

Provider-oriented site addressing HIV/hepatitis C co-infection. Includes recent reports from Digestive Disease Weekly, online drug reports, clinical trial information, and current HIV and hepatitis treatment information. Note: Site is sponsored by several pharmaceutical companies.

Immunization Action Coalition

Contains extensive information on childhood, adolescent, and adult immunization information and
hepatitis A and B educational materials.

Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Hepatitis C Hotline: 1-888-443-HepC (4372)

Contains fact sheets about Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. Provides a listing of Hepatitis C resources in Massachusetts. Explains risk factors, symptoms, treatment, and options. Has information for both consumers and healthcare providers.

Massachusetts Public Health Association (MPHA)

General information on public health initiatives and advocacy in Massachusetts. Includes links to public health-related state government sites, local and international public health advocacy groups, and government-sponsored health care sites. Provides background on the Massachusetts Hepatitis C Coalition, including related legislative alerts and press releases.

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis

Contains the Mayo Clinic fact sheet from 2000 and provides basic information on risk, transmission and treatment.

MEDLINEplus Health Information

List of links to hepatitis C websites from a range of national associations and centers. Information ranges from a general overview of hepatitis C to treatment options, prevention, screening, clinical trials, and research. Some information in Spanish. MEDLINEplus is updated daily and also contains lists of hospitals and physicians, a medical encyclopedia and dictionaries, extensive information on prescription and nonprescription drugs, and health information from the media.

Narcotics Anonymous

Outlines services provided by Narcotics Anonymous. Contains links to local resources, papers in English and Spanish about NA, samples of NA materials, reports, periodicals, and guidelines on how to join/start an NA group.

National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine Information Clearinghouse

Provides general information on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM): what CAM is, when to use it, how to select a practitioner. Also supplies treatment information by type of therapy and disease, links to more resources, current research, and news topics.

National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

A provider-oriented site that contains a fact sheet and links.

National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases

Provides a fact sheet, a discussion of chronic hepatitis C and a list of references. Also contains a database to research educational materials.

National Institute of Health

Comprehensive website of the NIH. Provides toll-free numbers for Health Hotlines, links to health publications, and current research. Contains search engine for information about various topics.

Contains a search engine that will pull up a range of hepatitis fact sheets and articles, including some in Spanish. The site materials focus on women's health. A hotline provides information in English and Spanish, and referrals to other agencies and hotlines. The Center will send printed materials upon phone request.

World Health Organization

Provides fact sheets on hepatitis A, B, and C and articles on global surveillance and prevalence of hepatitis C.

This information is provided by Epidemiology Program within the Department of Public Health.

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