Here you'll find brochures, fact sheets and other materials on hepatitis A, B, and C that you can view and print out. Many materials are also available in hard copy, and can be obtained by calling 617-983-6800.

Fact sheets

Hepatitis C Booklets

French and Russian translations of the Living with Hepatitis C booklet can be ordered from the Educational Materials Catalog.

Educational Materials Catalog (PDF 1MB) pdf format of educational-materials-catalog.pdf
doc format of                             educational-materials-catalog.doc                file size 2MB .

Hepatitis C DVD and VHS

To order a copy of this DVD, please call 617-983-6800.

  • "Living With Hepatitis C", a DVD in English, Spanish, and Portuguese for people living with hepatitis C (21 minutes each language)


Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA)

You will need an audio player to hear the spots. You can download a free Real One audio player.

TV Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Click on a version below to view the television PSA.

  • TV Public Service Announcement (QuickTime)
  • TV Public Service Announcement (WMV)

This information is provided by Epidemiology Program within the Department of Public Health.