The Client Health Services Unit oversees the provision of health-related support services for people living with HIV/AIDS including Medical Case Management, Peer Support, Housing Search and Advocacy, Rental Assistance, Food Services, Medical Transportation, Legal Services, Acupuncture, Dental Services, Non-Traditional Mental Health, Corrections-to-Community reintegration services, and HIV case management, prevention, and counseling and testing in Massachusetts County Jails. The Client Health Services Unit also provides funding that supports technical assistance and an HIV health resource library. All services for clients are intended to support engagement in medical care, health promotion, and disease self-management.

Clinic-based, community-based and home-based medical case management is intended to facilitate access to medical care and to support continued retention in care. These services include medical care coordination, social services coordination, adherence support, sexual health promotion, substance use risk reduction, benefits counseling, and housing search and advocacy.

Peer Support is provided by individuals living with HIV/AIDS in one-on-one and group settings and provides opportunities for education, skill-building, and emotional support.

Housing Search and Advocacy helps clients access and stay in housing by identifying housing resources, assisting with application processes, and supporting stable tenancies.

Rental Assistance is a statewide short-term and/or emergency service which provides rental start-up and homelessness prevention services in addition to utilities assistance.

Food Services provide clients with access to nutritionally balanced food by means of home-delivered meals, congregate meals, and food bank packages.

Medical Transportation services help clients access medical and health-related support services appointments.

Legal Services include the preparation of powers of attorney and wills, interventions necessary to ensure access to eligible benefits, eviction prevention services, and permanency planning.

Acupuncture is a therapeutic treatment used for the management of HIV disease symptoms, medication side effects, substance abuse detoxification and treatment, and smoking cessation.

Dental Services provide access to routine and emergency dental care for persons living with HIV/AIDS who have no dental coverage or limited third party coverage.

Non-Traditional Mental Health Services offer individual-level and group-level interventions to clients in settings that are not certified to bill Medicaid or other insurers.

Corrections-to-Community Reintegration Services help incarcerated clients successfully transition to the community through the provision of intensive short-term case management support that includes linkage to medical care and more long-term service provision.

Technical Assistance services support the capacity-building needs of individual agencies and service systems.

The HIV Health Library provides providers, HIV+ individuals, and other community members with access to fact sheets, articles, and reports about HIV and related issues.

This information is provided by the Bureau of Infectious Disease within the Department of Public Health.