The Policy and Planning Unit is responsible for development of programmatic policy, planning, consumer participation, training and public information. Acting in a support capacity, this unit works closely with the two program units, frequently facilitating inter-unit collaboration. The Unit is multi-focused and staff operate in the following ways:

Statewide Programming: The HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP) is managed out of this unit as well as all sharps disposal programming.

Policy: Unit staff focus on state and federal legislative and policy initiatives, confidentiality, HIV testing, routine HIV screening, correctional health policy, regulatory changes and access to sterile syringes.

Consumer Office: The Consumer Office oversees the Statewide Consumer Advisory Board (SWCAB), which provides input to OHA planning and programs and provides technical assistance to agency consumer advisory boards. The Consumer Office is available to support consumers who need help accessing agency based services and provides other support as needed to people living with HIV.

Training/Public Information: Training staff oversee all training initiatives for funded providers as well as manage any public information and development of written educational materials.

This information is provided by the Bureau of Infectious Disease within the Department of Public Health.