• Overview of Epidemiologic Profile Calendar Year 2016

    The Massachusetts HIV/AIDS Epidemiologic Profile is a collection of reports which provide information on the HIV/AIDS epidemic for use in the planning of activities to prevent the spread of HIV infection, for planning services to people infected with HIV and those diagnosed with AIDS, and to inform policies and programmatic development, both at the state and local levels, as they pertain to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Updated annually with new releases every quarter, the Epidemiologic Profile includes fact sheets with detailed data tables and technical notes as well as regional data table reports. The statewide fact sheets are organized with a question and answer format, with each fact sheet addressing one key question. Population specific fact sheets provide a profile of the HIV/AIDS epidemic among groups at risk of HIV infection.

  • Regional Epidemiologic Profiles

  • Statewide Fact Sheets

  • Population Specific Fact Sheets