Vaccine Dosage and Administration

Clinic Protocols

  • Guidelines for Immunization Clinics  pdf format of Guidelines for Immunization Clinics
docx format of                             Guidelines for Immunization Clinics
    • These guidelines were developed to assist in the planning and operation of vaccination clinics, including annual flu clinics, school-based clinics, and vaccination clinic in response to small-scale emergencies.  This document summarizes key points in running a successful clinic, and provides links to many other useful resources.
  • CDC Guidelines for Large Scale Influenza Vaccination Clinic Planning
    • CDC resource page outlining the logistics and considerations needed to plan a high volume vaccination clinic.

Model Standing Orders (MSOs)

MSO Screening Tools

For additional Model Standing Orders and related resources please visit the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) website at:

This information is provided by the Bureau of Infectious Disease within the Department of Public Health.