• The Massachusetts State Legislature established the Division of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Prevention, formerly the Venereal Disease Division, in 1937. It became part of the Bureau of Communicable Disease Control in 1953. It's major purpose was to establish strategically located clinics throughout the Commonwealth for the express purpose of venereal disease prevention and control. These specialized clinics, dedicated to only one type of medical need, were established because it was recognized that the complex social and behavioral factors linked to such diseases were not likely to be acknowledged or well-understood in general medical practice settings, and such factors had to be addressed for effective disease prevention and control. In 1986, the Venereal Disease Division became the Division of STD Prevention, to encompass more of the public health issues surrounding this subject.

    The Division of STD Prevention has as its primary goals the reduction and prevention of the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infections. Critical to achieving this goal is the integration of the work of the Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS), who are instrumental in preventing further transmission of STD's and HIV infection through their client education and partner notification activities, with a statewide network of Sexually Transmitted Disease clinics and private providers. A variety of population- and community-based educational activities further enhance the efforts of the Division and the community to promote healthful behaviors which reduce the burden of illness and prevent the spread of these infections.


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