State Cooperating Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic

Welcome to our Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic. We are pleased that you have chosen us for your care. Our service is confidential and no information will be released without your permission. The information we collect will be used to form your medical record.

You will be seen by a nurse or doctor during your visit. They will ask questions and examine you to decide what they can do to help you. The nurse or doctor may decide to do additional tests if your symptoms indicate the need. Some tests may require a urine sample. Please do not urinate before the exam, as it may affect test results. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS SO THAT WE MAY HELP YOU.

You may receive treatment after the exam. If you are given medication, the nurse or doctor will tell you how to take it. Remember:

  • The medicine is only for you.
  • You must finish all medication even if symptoms are gone.
  • The nurse will tell you when to call back for test results.

You will also have the opportunity to decide if you want to be tested for HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). At this clinic, it is VERY IMPORTANT that your HIV test records remain private. We protect the information in the following way:

  • Your consent form and results are NOT kept in your clinic record.
  • Your consent form and results are kept in a locked file in a locked room.
  • The tube of blood is marked with a code number, NOT YOUR NAME.
  • By State Law, you are the only one who can tell anybody else that you were tested, or tell anyone else your results.
  • If you use your health insurance to pay for this clinic visit, this test and result will not be submitted to the insurance company.

Protecting your health record is as important to us as protecting your health. Medical care and record protection go hand-in-hand. Please be assured that whatever is said or written in this clinic STAYS in this clinic.



This information is provided by Division of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Prevention within the Department of Public Health.