For 20 years, MTCP efforts have resulted in significant progress to prevent tobacco use and to support smokers to stay quit for good. From requiring ingredient disclosures on cigarette packages to maintaining a dedicated smoker’s helpline to creating smoke-free workplaces across the state, the work of MTCP has changed the norms around tobacco use and increased everyday awareness about the dangers of tobacco products.

To find out more, download the 20-Year Timeline (PDF) or watch our Retrospective Video, which both capture some of the milestones of making smoking history in Massachusetts.

The MTCP model combines policy and programs for a successful and comprehensive approach that includes:

We value analysis and evaluation of the impact our programs have community by community across Massachusetts. By leading with up-to-date evidence of the tobacco-related problems and the solutions that are making a difference, MTCP is innovative and more effective with our resources.

Our statewide network of public health professionals, legal and policy experts, evaluation and data analysis specialists, community education leaders, and cessation counselors are all working together in a unique partnership to continue to raise the profile of tobacco in our society as a critical public health issue and to make smoking history in Massachusetts.

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This information is provided by the Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation & Prevention Program within the Department of Public Health.