Sales to Minors

MTCP sponsors compliance checks of local community retailers to monitor the illegal sale of tobacco products to minors. 

To report the sale of cigarettes to minors, please contact your local board of health or the Attorney General's Office.


Retailers who wish to sell tobacco products must obtain a state tobacco license. Licenses can be purchased through the Department of Revenue. The Department of Revenue also sets and monitors price minimums for tobacco products. All questions should be directed to (617) 887-5090.

(Please note: Many local communities also require separate local tobacco licenses. These are obtained from the local board of health or municipality.)


Complaints about retail sales practices should be directed to the Department of Revenue at (617) 887-6773.


For questions about cigars, such as current tax rates and minimum price levels, please contact the Department of Revenue at 617-887-5055.

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation & Prevention Program within the Department of Public Health.