The Analytical Laboratories, within the MA DPH State Laboratory, identify chemical contaminants in food, environmental and clinical specimens. Toxic contaminants include industrial chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and toxins.

The Environmental Laboratory tests shellfish for naturally occurring seafood toxins associated with paralytic and amnesic shellfish poisonings. The lab tests food for environmental contaminants such as melamine as well as drinking water for lead and arsenic. The environmental laboratory analysts also work with health officials and clinicians to measure chemicals in blood or urine from exposed individuals. Please call (617) 983-6651 to discuss potential testing and to obtain a Chemical Exposure Clinical Specimen Submission Form.

The Childhood Lead Screening Laboratory tests thousands of pediatric blood specimens annually to identify children who need specialized services.

The Chemical Terrorism Response Laboratory analyzes blood and urine samples to identify the chemical substance used in a suspected chemical attack.

This information is provided by the Bureau of Laboratory Sciences within the Department of Public Health.