Identification of lead poisoning in children

The Childhood Lead Screening Laboratory, within the MA DPH State Laboratory, tests blood for the toxic element lead. Children with an elevated blood lead level may receive specialized medical, educational and environmental services from the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) such as:

  • Public health nurses working with the child's pediatrician to manage his/her care
  • Identifying sources of lead exposure in the child's home and
  • Guidance on nutritional and environmental strategies for preventing further exposure

For information on clinical testing, please contact the Provider Relations Coordinator at the Childhood Lead Screening Laboratory at (617) 983-6668. Go to the Specimen submission forms page to download and print the "Childhood Lead Submission Form CLS1".

Identification of the source of lead contamination

The Environmental Chemistry Laboratory, within the MA DPH State Laboratory, tests environmental samples and household items of concern for lead contamination. These samples are typically submitted by CLPPP staff, local health and licensed lead inspectors. In addition, the laboratory tests drinking water for lead (and arsenic) on a fee for service basis.

To learn more about testing and obtain submission & request forms for "Analysis of Lead in Drinking Water", please call (617) 983-6654.

This information is provided by the Bureau of Laboratory Sciences within the Department of Public Health.