The Bureau of Substance Abuse Services maintains treatment statistics on the Department of Public Health, Massachusetts Community Health Information Profile data system (

Please find some Substance Abuse Treatment Statistics below. If additional information is needed feel free to contact the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services Office of Statistics and Evaluation e-mail

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Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions Statistics

Geographic Based Admissions Statistics

Admissions Statistics for State and City & Town

This report provides information on characteristics of admissions, i.e., those that enrolled/admitted in treatment at BSAS Contracted/Licensed programs within the Massachusetts state fiscal year.There are two pages of statistics for each geographic area; the report is ordered with the state of Massachusetts first then cities and towns by alphabetical order.  Due to data updates and changes in definitions, please do not compare factsheets from previous years to each other.

Population Based Admission Statistics

This information is provided by the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services within the Department of Public Health.