Bureau of Substance Abuse Services funds community-based prevention programs that utilize science-based programs/strategies to prevent alcohol, marijuana, and other drug abuse with a particular focus on the under 21 population. Each program focuses on a specific municipality or neighborhood and is carried out by a coalition comprised of organized community members that have interest in helping their community prevent substance abuse.

The goals and strategies of these programs include:

  • Preventing substance abuse, with a particular focus on the under 21 population.
  • Utilizing science-based programs/strategies shown to produce positive changes in rates of abuse.
  • Viewing youth as resources in their communities; incorporating meaningful youth involvement in program planning, implementation, and evaluation; and focusing on positive outcomes for youth.
  • Utilizing environmental prevention approaches which seek to change the overall context within which substance abuse occurs. Environmental prevention efforts focus on availability, norms, and regulations.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the programs as they progress.


This information is provided by the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services at the Department of Public Health.